The Assurance of Love

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As we move into February you can’t help but feel Love is in the air. I know you feel it…you feel lighter, giddier. You buy that new red shirt, you get your fur baby a new toy. Of course, the kids can have those conversation hearts sitting right at their height at the checkout.

One of my children tells me 5 thousand times a day that they love me. I know, tough problem, right? But really, when they are home, every half hour, sometimes twice in that half hour, sometimes twice in the same sentence, they tell me that they love me. Can I tell you that as their mother, it makes me feel bad. The opposite of what you would think. Somehow, I feel that I haven’t shown or told them enough that I love them, that they must continually tell me because then they will hear it back. It’s not true, I know, but I am not an overly touchy, feely, emotional person so I struggle with the thought that I haven’t shown enough love to the people whom my heart bursts for. So recently I told my children that we are going to count to 15 hugs a day. It has turned into a fun game. Towards the end of the day if we are only at 10 it’s fun to creatively squeeze 5 hugs in or one long (counting to 5) snuggle in before bed. It has given me the reassurance that I am physically showing both my children how much I love them.

John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

Our Father in heaven. The God of the heavens and earth Loved you, Loved me, Loved us that he gave his only Son. God’s heart was bursting with love for us so much that he gave his best creation ever so that we might live and not perish in our own sin. How many times have you told God that you love him too? How many times a day do you acknowledge Christ in your life? If you are anything like me, I would guess, not enough. I learn so much from children. If I had more time or maybe a future blog post I can share with you how much you can learn from a child’s heart, but in this life moment I have learned from my own child how to be a child of God. He wants to hear from you 5 thousand times a day, He wants to be acknowledged during the little and the big moments in your life, He wants to know you love Him too!