Cup of Christmas 2018

What a sweet morning with the ladies of Belle City and friends! Based off the warmth of fellowship inside, you would have never guess that it was cold and rainy outside. We enjoyed a fabulous morning with delicious breakfast items, played a few ice breakers to better get to know one another, heard a beautiful talk from one of our members and then wrapped up with a easy craft of decorating coffee mugs. I have to say some of the ladies are very creative!

Kelsey's message was so beautifully written. She shared Christmas moments in her life where the joy and anticipation were high and others where she just could barely manage to celebrate. In all of those harder times, she found her self being reminded of God's ultimate plan for our lives. That He is with us, giving us peace, every step of the way. She had a great challenge for us, no matter the type of season you are having. Here is a small bit from her message.

Each year I try to find a moment in the Christmas season that stands out as the biggest blessing. I have found that when you look for the blessings it is hard to focus on the mess. Moments like my brother and sister-in-law surprising us Christmas Eve with my barely a month old nephew from North Carolina, or spending Christmas day with my dad who survived a near fatal heart attack, or listening to my nephew at the age of two play his rendition of Jingle Bells on a tin flute (I can promise you it sounded nothing like Jingle Bells). Its in those moments that I felt peace and hope. Each little moment that God gives us to hold on to in the moments that don’t feel so peaceful. This Christmas season I challenge you to not only find the little moments that God gives you, but to be in the moment. Let Christ fill your heart. The joy of a baby wrapped in swaddling cloth laying in a manger. The peace the angels sang about “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” May you find the moment in this Christmas to rejoice in the Lord.

Such a great message. It was truly a wonderful morning together.